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Psychological Trends in Trader and Investor Behaviour

(By Abhinav Bhattacharyya): Investors or Traders in equity markets are spectators of various phases of either bullish or bearish patterns on a daily basis over a period of time in their active investment life cycle. Respectively, their point of view towards their portfolio and the market as a whole keep varying according to real time market condition and their mental state in regard to their monetary condition.

National Fisheries Development Board initiated development of selected Beels of Assam

Hyderabad, January, 2014: National Fisheries Development Board with its head quarter at Hyderabad has initiated development of 37 selected Beels of Assam during 2013-14 through fingerling stocking by the Department of Fisheries,  Assam to counter the depletion of fish stocks caused by siltation, habitat destruction and over exploitation of fishery resources.

Aesthetic presents Kala Samannayaa 2014

Guwahati on 26 December 2013 (by Jyotirmoy Kashyap): Aesthetic, a Socio-Eco-Cultural Development society of North East India, promoting the art and culture form 2005.A group of socially conscious people from various disciplines have come forward to form a common forum of work for the sake of the toiling and suffering masses,The past Aesthetic   activities include art competitions and art awareness camp together with international exhibitions.

Youth in politics: a reality check

(By Gogona Saikia): The debate about whether or not youths should get involved in politics is quite old. As a young woman myself, I can vouch for the benefits that such an opportunity might bring to all stakeholders involved: we are full of ideas, full of courage, confident, bold, varied and diverse in our outlook towards society, and we have the energy to bring conceptual ideas to a logical, practical, real conclusion.