Aesthetic presents Kala Samannayaa 2014

Guwahati on 26 December 2013 (by Jyotirmoy Kashyap): Aesthetic, a Socio-Eco-Cultural Development society of North East India, promoting the art and culture form 2005.A group of socially conscious people from various disciplines have come forward to form a common forum of work for the sake of the toiling and suffering masses,The past Aesthetic   activities include art competitions and art awareness camp together with international exhibitions.

Youth in politics: a reality check

(By Gogona Saikia): The debate about whether or not youths should get involved in politics is quite old. As a young woman myself, I can vouch for the benefits that such an opportunity might bring to all stakeholders involved: we are full of ideas, full of courage, confident, bold, varied and diverse in our outlook towards society, and we have the energy to bring conceptual ideas to a logical, practical, real conclusion.

A High Escape

Guwahati, October 4, 2013 (By Gogona Saikia):As I sat on the stairs at the Guwahati railway station at 4 pm in a pleasant Monday afternoon, I let my eyes stay focused on my friend Rahul who I saw was roaming around here and there stealthily among the crowd of people. Very soon, a man approached him. A short talk followed, stuff exchanged between them as I observed, and not less than a minute later Rahul was sitting beside me. Grinning, he opened his fists and showed me the small packet inside his fist. Obtaining a handful of marijuana is that simple.

"Quit of Split": a clear thought of unity and harmony for years to come

Guwahati, August 27, 2013 (by Jyotirmoy Kashyap): The society is depleting in its universal value of brotherhood and affection. We may not admit it, but each one of us responsible for the current degraded value system in our society. To make us understand our misdeeds and to light the lamp of oneness, a group of young and enthusiastic group of artists from different verticals of performing art met with the concept of “Quite of Split” led by Harekrishna Talukdar, a sculptor by profession.

Pakeezah's Bikaner connection

Bikaner (by Samiul Hassan Quadri): Listening to the mellifluous songs of classic movie Pakeezah, one is transported to the golden era of bollywood. The hugely talented and perfectionist to the core Kamal Amrohi's film that beautifully depicts the love story between a nautch girl and a man from an aristocratic background went on to be a milestone in the history of Indian film industry.

Urdu poet Munawwar Rana steals the show

Urdu poet Munawwar Rana

Bikaner June 9 (Samiul Hassan Quadri): On Sunday evening, June 9, the desert city of Bikaner had a date with the celebrated Urdu poet Munawwar Rana. The connoiseurs of Urdu (poetry) of the city had been looking forward to listening to the much acclaimed Urdu poet for a couple of days. When Munawwar sahab started to recite his poems, there was pin-drop silence in the overpacked auditorium of the veterinary university.